Where on the evolutionary tree is rotifera?

Milverneus Millerion miller at diamond.jcn1.com
Sat Oct 5 11:41:10 EST 1996

I was lead to believe that rotifera was produced after colenterata, ie, 
that rotifers evolved from jellyfish and that the rotifers were the first
to produce the innovation of an alimentary canal as well as an organized
nervous system (centralized in pseudo'brain').  From the rotifers then
were produced trocophorita (which branched out into mulloska, 
brachiopada, most worms, annelida (segmented worms), trilobita, 
crustacia, millipedes, centipedes, arachnids, and insecta) and the other
branch which produced echinodermata and the chordates (vertebrates and
man).  Am I wrong in saying that rotifera has those traits that place
them between jellyfish and the more advanced forms?  If not what exists
with regard to the relations of those forms?

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