Ion-free water for human consumption?

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Sun Oct 6 15:07:35 EST 1996

On 6 Oct 1996 00:09:50 GMT, "Uncle Bob" <degerberg at> wrote:

>DI water makes superb coffee since there is nothing in it to screw up the
>good coffee beans. I used it for years.
>Uncle Bob

Yeah, but it makes really bland tea, which is why I drink coffee at
work.  DI water is free of objectionable taste and we use it at work
in place of tap water for just about everything.  Also, many people
who think it's bad probably don't realize that they've been drinking
it for years.  The same company that services our commercial deionizer
also services those super market kiosks that dispense purified water.

I first heard the myth that deionized water was bad for you in the
late 1970's.  At the time it seemed to come from the health nuts who
claimed Aluminum pots cause altzheimers and western (i.e. scientific)
medicine doesn't really know anything about nutrition.  

Pat Braden
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