Alpine Slides in Puerto Ric

Dave Jensen davej at
Sun Oct 6 13:42:11 EST 1996

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cdonahey at (Cynthia Donahey) wrote:

>In a recent political "blurb," they (one of the parties, I don't remember
>which), keeps on talking about alpine slides in Puerto Rico.  What are
>they talking about?

That was a Dole slam against Clinton. Clinton threw a bunch of $$ into
helping Puerto Rico promote tourism, which included alpine slides down
some of their famous mountains. If you've never tried an alpine slide, do
it! It is one of the most fun things you'll ever do. They have them up in
Colorado ski country for the summer season. You go up the ski lifts, and
race down the alpine slide on a little thing like a large skateboard.

The only problem -- in Colorado at least -- is that you can't "brake for
animals." One of my friends nailed a gopher and the results were not


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