Life on Mars = Life in Cosmos ?

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>Civilizational life on Mars? - no - I got the feeling that it is not 
>possible - we could then expect the see traces of activities on the 
>surface. As some scientist suggest only at the early stage of Mars 
>history it was conditions for life to develop. Did you know that Mars is 
>to small to keep any atmosphere and that of course make any further 
>evolution impossible? 

Mars does so have an atmosphere but it is much thinner than that of Earth. I 
believe the major problem with the evolution of life on Mars was that the 
output of carbon dioxide by the martian volcanos dropped away too soon. 
Mars then cooled to a point where water could no longer exist in liquid form 
and hence life became impossible. Life did not exist long enough for 
intelligent life to evolve on Mars.

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