MTT Positivity: Can Contamination show MTT+

Mariappan, Muthu Marthanda Rajan mariappan at
Wed Oct 9 13:51:01 EST 1996

I am a Tissue Engineering Researcher. I have been growing some cells in 
a polymer scaffold. As controls, I had been using plain plymer scaffolds 
without Cells.
	To quantitate the cell growth, I tried using the MTT assay.
But the coltrols show a very strong reaction. I am yet very unclear 
whether a false +ve MTT can be because of the Matrix scaffold itself or 
whether I am dealing with something else.
	I was wondering whether Contaminations can cause a +ve MTT., Of course 
I have taken precautions like Ethlylene Oxide sterilisation etc.,... but 
still, is it possible to get a +ve MTT with bacterial or fungal 
mariappan at

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