PG physiology at
Thu Oct 10 08:23:15 EST 1996

We developed a new design on rota-rod and it is a classic
rotating rod enhanced with features that assist monitoring
and recording animal performance. The device is suitable for
small laboratory animals (rats, mice, hamster etc). Up to four
or eight animals may be simultaneously tested for their ability
to maintain themselves upright on a rotating rod. The rota-rod
has the following features.
a. Adjustable lane width.
b. Constant or accelerated speed mode (programmable).
c. Photo-cell detection of animal fall.
d. Electric shock option useful for subject training.
e. Enclosed lanes prevent animal escape.
f. RS-232 output option for computer communication.
g. Direct printer output of test results.
If you are interested in receiving more information about the rota-
rod, please provide your mailing address, I will send you more
information about the device.


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