I am searching for an Article: The mouse with human ear.

Mariappan, Muthu Marthanda Rajan mariappan at utsw.swmed.edu
Thu Oct 10 08:42:32 EST 1996

Dear Readers,
			I am a researcher in Tissue Engineering. I have seen an article in 
one of the popular journals:?Sceince, Nature, New Scientist, Scientific 
American etc., about the trends in Tissue Engineering. 
	It had a picture of a mouse(mammalian - not the computer peripheral) 
with a human ear constructed out of a cartilage mould, with chodrocytic 
cultures in it. This should have been within the past one year.
	I am not able to remember which one. 
	Researchers, who know the exact Vol.No, and Journal of this article can 
you please write back to me. I need this desperately to make a slide for 
a friend of mine.
Thank you

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