M Miller s975139 at umslvma.umsl.edu
Sun Oct 13 22:40:06 EST 1996

Melissa M wrote:
> Can someone send me some information on how prokaroyatic cells works and
> eukaryotic cells work and all there components and how it all works
> together.

Prokaryotic cells are the early primative type of cells that do not in
general contain organized cell nuclei or organelles.

Eukaryotic cells are the more advanced types of cells that in general
contain organized cell nuclei for the containing of nuclear material,
endoplasmic recticulum for the processing of RNA and the production of
some cell materials.  Ribosomes, Mitochondria, Chloroplasts (in Plants),
Lysosomes, Golgi apparatus, and other structures. 

Prokaryotic cells consist of Bacteria, and very primative one celled
plants known as blue-green algae.  Eukaryotic cells consist of Amoebas,
Euglenas, more advanced algae, Yeast, and all multicellular organisms
(including man).  The eukaryotic cells have specialized functions in
each of the organelles in much the same way that the bodies of many
macroscalar organisms such as man (or the vertebrates), have specialized
functions in each of the organs.  There are many college texts (and even
some biology high school texts) that go into those specialized

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