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RE:   Summer '97 Positions Available / Application Now Open

1]  Project  D i r e c t o r s / Group Leaders (details below), and 

2]  V o l u n t e e r s / Participants (applications available ON-LINE)


Operation Crossroads [Africa & Brazil]: Celebrating Its 40th Anniversary

   P   r   o   j   e   c   t         H   u   m   a   n   i   t   y

[I N T'L  S T U D I E S]  [W O R K-T R A V E L]  [I N T E R N S H I P S]

Ecology & Environment..Traditional Medicine..Oral History..Folklore
Primary Care..Archaeology..Community Dev..Reforestation..Media
Distance Learning..Art..Ethnomusicology..Public Health..Construction  
Wildlife..Humanities..Computer Literacy..Agriculture/Farming 
Teaching/Tutoring..Business Dev..African/Brazilian Language Study
Youth Programs..Recreation..Traditional Religion..Anthropology

               Over a dozen different projects


Computer Literacy Program, aimed at providing young adults with hands-on
           exposure to 1) computers and information technology,
           2) E-Mail, and 3) the Internet

Distance Learning/Electronic Education: rural and urban K12 and beyond;
           providing cost-effective education via international

For a special UPDATE on the Computer Literacy/Distance Learning Prog in
           Ghana, plz send E-Mail with "Ghana: Distance Learning UPDATE" 
           in the Subject field to:

               "Ghana: Distance Learning UPDATE" <crw at>


C O U N T R I E S: Botswana, The Gambia, Ghana, Eritrea, Ivory Coast,
Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and  
Brazil (in South America). Additional countries to be announced



    "...You will experience Africa from the inside out..
                                       ...This is NOT an African tour."

               {Crossroads Alumnus]

       A    N    N    O    U    N    C    E    M    E    N    T

    C E L E B R A T I N G    C U L T U R E    A N D    H I S T O R Y

       GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS :    A f r i c a    &    B r a z i l 

 * This year's theme: "Africa & Brazil, marching into the 21st Century"

 * New projects are planned for Brazil

                            Summer 1997

                Internships/Field Work/Group Projects
                        Independent Study

                      The Forgotten Human Side

Receiving On-Line Brochure & Application

H o w   t o   g e t   V o l u n t e e r   I n f o    b y    E - M a i l :

           1] include your full street address, in case our
                    equipment malfunctions

           2] E-Mail your request to   <<B O T H>>   addresses:

  =>              "Brochure/Application" <crw at>            <=
    =>        "Summer Prog: Africa/Brazil" <oca at>     <=
            Include  "V O L U N T E E R"  in the Subject field

                ...or contact our office directly 
                        by letter or phone

O P E N   T O   A L L 


-Since 1957, 10,000 Crossroads participants (students, professionals,
     persons with skills, persons of goodwill..and others) representing
     over 500 universities, colleges, organizations, etc., have come
     together to work for a better world

-Students usually arrange with their schools to receive credit for their
     summer experience (typically 5 to 15 units)

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Due now & during the coming weeks->cut off has not
                          yet been announced

                       Late applications **WILL** be accepted
                          but only as space and time permit

                       Crossroads assists Volunteers in raising funds
                          for their travel/living expenses

                =>     It's important to submit the application ASAP & to
                          reserve a place

PROGRAM DATES:         End of June/early July through mid-August
                          (approx dates)

ORIENTATION:           There will be a several-day Orientation in New
                          York prior to leaving. The program starts from 
                          & ends in New York

-This is an INTENSE living, work and learning experience at the grassroots
     level in Africa & Brazil where some of the modern conveniences taken 
     for granted in Western countries, will not be present

-Crossroads Volunteers go to Africa & Brazil NOT to impose their own
     Western values, but to seek comprehension of counterpart
     values; they are challenged to adjust to local ways of doing many


H o w   T o   A p p l y   F o r   a Project Director/Leader Position

Project  D I R E C T O R S / Group  L E A D E R S  go thru a separate
     application process with earlier deadlines (min. age, 26 - with
     relevant expertise, experience directing group projects, living
     and/or travel experience in Africa or similar setting), experience
     with multi-racial/multi-ethnic groups.  

     To receive the application and job description, snail mail us, 
     or send an E-Mail request to <BOTH>:

             "Proj Dir Info" <oca at>,
             "Proj Dir Packet" <crw at>  

     1) with a brief description of your interests & background

           [send us your snailmail address, phone & E-Mail]

     2) include  "L E A D E R"  in the Subject field 


  O P E R A T I O N   C R O S S R O A D S   A F R I C A ,   I n c .
        475 Riverside Dr., N.Y., N.Y. 10115-0050, Suite 831 
     212-870-2106 OFFICE / 212-870-2055 FAX / oca at
              ...a non-profit org: IRS 501(c)(3)

                LaVerne Brown, Executive Offices

            T   H   A   N   K           Y   O   U    

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