procaryotic transcription terminator: help wanted

Jean-Yves Paquet paquet at
Thu Oct 17 09:56:36 EST 1996


We are currently working on promotors regulated by a response regulator in
a bacteria.  We have to make some constructions with a pKK-type vector a
it's important for us to have a transcription terminator after our gene. 
There is one terminator but it seems to be in the wrong polarity.  So, my
question is:

Are the transcription terminator oriented, I mean, if there is one
terminator, does it act from 5' -> 3' AND also from 3' -> 5'  ?

Thanks in advance...

Jean-Yves PAQUET
Unité de recherche en Biologie Moléculaire
Facultés Universitaires de Namur, Belgium
jean-yves.paquet at

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