Environmental Resources Engineering

Theresa Heimbach theimbac at mail.gcccd.cc.ca.us
Fri Oct 18 14:35:37 EST 1996

Theresa Heimbach
Student of Environmental Resources Engineering
e-mail : pheim at ix.netcom.com
	 theimbac at mail.gcccd.cc.cs.us

I am searching for any information on Env. Engineering I can get.  I 
recently started back to college and chose this as my major.  I am not 
as familiar with it as I should be, though.  I'd like to get a better 
feel for the field before I get too far into the curriculum to turn back 
around.  Aby information you could possibly send to me at either e-mail 
address, I would be very grateful to you for.  Thank you for the time 
you have spent reading this mesage.

Tess Heimbach

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