Ion-free water for human consumption?

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Fri Oct 18 16:16:01 EST 1996

Just some things I would like to throw in to this discussion:

1) No, physiological processes are not able to purify D2O from H2O.

2) I seriously doubt many life forms on earth would be able function at
all under a pure deuterium as opposed to hydrogen enviroment. Life on
earth evolved (or was created, take your pick :) ) based on H2O.  One of
the most important bonding structures in biology is the hydrogen bond. 
With the differing nuclear mass of deuterium, it seems reasonable that the
"deuterium" bond would also be different.  This would affect every
biomolecule in existance.  Proteins may not fold correctly (the effects of
charged residues versus "Deuterium" bonds in determining tertiary
structure), DNA may not form the proper double helix, lipid bilayers may
have differing structures, ligand-receptor interactions would change (the
normal concentration of hormone now may have no effect). You just can't

3) Anybody that consumes chemicals, water, or anything else taken from a
lab is plain old dumb and ignorant.  When you die (and somebody will) from
eating lab chemicals, it will make all of us scientists look like fools. I
know this sounds pretty strong, but nothing good can come of eating lab

James Prescott
Mayo Clinic/Foundation
Dept. of Biochem. and Mol Bio
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