sequence variation

AntiCancer antica at
Mon Oct 21 12:28:25 EST 1996

Yang-Seok Kim wrote:
> Dear netters,
> Does anybody know the method to identify single or a few base differences between two 10 Kb
> or larger fragments ?
> Thans in advance :)
> Yang-Seok Kim
> Dept of Life science
> POSTECH, South Korea

Dear Yang-Seok Kim, 

Just in case that you know the nucleotide sequences you're interested
in, LCR or PCR would be my first choice. A possible alternative is
called SSCP, a method that can descriminate different secondary
structures of ssDNA that vary only in a few bases. I don't know though,
if this is applicable for your experiment since you have quite large
pieces of DNA (and I haven't used this technique either).

Good luck,

Martin Lenz, Ph.D.

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