Student needs information on respiration.

Just some fool. sjh6eng at
Mon Oct 21 05:44:48 EST 1996

 Hi, I'm a second year degree student in electronics. My project this year is 
to build a respiration monitor.
I need information on the following subjects.

1)	maximum and minimum rates of breathing (for the minimum, its a case of 
	what level of respiration can be sustained before direct intervention
	is required.)

2)	The temperature differential between inhaled and exhaled air.

3)	The humidity of exhaled air.

As you can tell, my main concern is to register a breath, both in and out.
Any ideas and/or comments on things i may have overlooked would be much 
If nobody can supply me with the above information, can you tell me where
i can find such information (books, journals, websites).

	Please email any information to me at SJH6ENG at BOLTON.AC.UK

	Many thanks, 

		Sam Harber.

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