Ion-free water for human consumption?

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>#>   cbenson at CSWNET.COM (H.C. Benson) wrote:
>#>->My interest is in deuterium oxide which contaminates all terrestrial
>#>->water supplies at a ratio ranging from 1:5000 to 1:7000.  It is a puzzle 
>#>->to me why so little research has been done on the deleterious effects of 
>#>->exposure to these concentrations over the human lifespan.
>#>->H. C. Benson                 cbenson at
>#>So, what's wrong with heavy water and why would it be deleterious?
>#Well replacing H2O with D2O in the body is fatal at a certain
>#concentration, but I seem to recall it being somewhere around either 1% or
>#10% of the total water in your body.
> ^^^ this one is closer. 
>And that's what I meant. All water on earth has heavy water content on the 
>order of 10e(-3) - far from 10e(-1) where it's known to be bad. In other 
>words, our water supplies have enough crap to warrant to not worry 
>about heavy water. 
>- Dima

isn't this discussion a waste of time ? (it also has nothing to do with
the question that I initially posted either, so I changed the subject line). 
As ALL the water on earth has some D2O in it, it also means that organisms are 
completely adapted to it. Therefore I would be more worried if somebody would
start to remove these D2O traces...

Trim your headers.


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