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Mon Oct 21 22:31:15 EST 1996

Cerritos College is pleased to host an EDVOTEK short course in
biotechnology for community college faculty, on Nov. 15-16, 1996, at our
campus in Norwalk, CA.  The course will emphasize core skills in molecular
biology with activities focusing on:  1) theory,  2) experimental skills, 
3) laboratory safety, quality control and assurance,  4) data analysis,
and  5) curriculum implementation.   The experiments have been designed to
facilitate incorporation in the teaching laboratory and provide
participants the opportunity to perform frequently used techniques in
experimental and research applications of biotechnology.   This course
will be of value to faculty who either  1) have an ongoing program for
biotechnology technician preparation, or  2) are in the exploratory or
planning stages of developing a one or two-year program, as well as those
who teach biology and chemistry.

Tentative Syllabus

Day 1:  Friday
Lecture and Discussion Topics
 Introduction to Biotechnology
 Principles of Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
 DNA and Restriction Enzymes
 Overview of DNA Fingerprinting and Southern Blot Analysis
 Transformation of Bacterial Cells

Laboratory Activities
 Principles and Practice of Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
 Size Determination of DNA Restriction Fragments
 Southern Blot Analysis
 Cleavage of Lambda DNA with Eco RI Endonuclease
 Transformation of E. coli with pGAL (blue colony)

Day 2:  Saturday

Lecture and Discussion Topics
 Experimental Data Analysis
  DNA Sizing and Transformation Efficiency
 Other Methods in Biotechnology
  Polymerase chain reaction
  DNA mapping and sequencing

Laboratory Experiments:
 DNA Sequencing
 Isolation of E. coli  chromosomal DNA

The fee for the workshop is $225.
For information and registration:
 1-800-EDVOTEK  or (301) 251-5990
 24 hour fax: (301)340-0582      e-mail:  edvotek at

John Boyle
Biology Department
Cerritos College
e-mail:  jsbhitek at

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