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Wed Oct 23 09:47:08 EST 1996

: Has anyone got any suggestions for a papar titled 
: "Cytoplasmic Control of pH in Plant Cells" besides try using 
: the libary.  If any on knows of any relevant journals etc or 
: have any ideas of their own on the subject I would appreciate 
: the help.

: Thank you very much.

: P.S If Richard P Grant of Oxford reads this please do not 
: post another one of you oh so arrogant sarcastic replys

Richard Grant is not being arrogant or sarcastic. He merely reflects the
attitude of most of the scientists on this domain - that the reason students
are students is to learn. The way for you to learn is to do the work
yourself. Your instructor will not give you an impossible assignment. Part
of the process is learning how to do library research. For any of us
practicing scientists to just *give* you the information you seek is to do
you a disservice. You will not learn to find it on your own, with the result
that none of us will want to hire you when you complete your studies
(emphasis on the last word).

Candy Krepel
Surgical Microbiology Research Lab, Medical College of Wisconsin
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