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David Konerding (dek at wrote:
: >Richard Grant is not being arrogant or sarcastic. He merely reflects the
: >attitude of most of the scientists on this domain - that the reason students
: >are students is to learn. The way for you to learn is to do the work
: >yourself. Your instructor will not give you an impossible assignment. Part
: >of the process is learning how to do library research. For any of us

: High school students don't always have direct access to a research
: library, you know.  It's especially hard when articles are published in
: obscure journals, or not indexed, or in a common journal your local uni
: cannot afford.

If the high school students are given an assignment that *requires* access
toa research library, without also being given access, the teacher should be
strung up by the thumbs. The point is that the vast majority of teachers
give assignments for which "getting the right answer" is only one of the
learning goals.

: Oh, and, even for grad students, it can often be nice to be 'told the right
: answer' rather than having to spend hours tracking down the answer or figuring

Yeah, sure, it's nice. But you also will learn a lot more if you track it
down yourself. When the grad student is in his/her postgraduate career, s/he
will need to know how to track down things, because s/he may be working on
something for which no one knows the answer. And if your university library
cannot provide access to appropriate journals, you might want to consider
whether you are going to get what you need from that school.

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