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Paris, 2 october 1996

The Association of Algerian Biologists "AlgeBio" is pleased to announce it
creation. AlgeBio is housed at the Institut Jacques Monod on the Jussieu
campus of the Universite Paris 7 - Denis Diderot. The aim of the
association, regulated by the law of July 13 1901, is to help foster and
facilitate interactive connections amongst Algerian biologists worldwide. A
major objective is to develop and strengthen cooperation between Algerian
and foreign universities and research institutions. The primary focus of
activity will be the promotion of technical training, communication, and
technology transfer through the organization of seminars, colloquia, round
tables, summer schools, etc.

If you wish to adhere or help AlgeBio please write to:
Institut Jacques Monod
Unite Mixte CNRS, Universite Paris 7 - Denis Diderot
2, Place Jussieu
75251 PARIS Cedex 05. FRANCE
E-Mail : salhi at

For further information, please contact AlgeBio at the above address.
The Executive Committee

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