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M. McDermott wrote:
> If you have any information regarding this malady, it is desperately
> needed.  A friends baby is suffering from this and they are desperate
> for information re: treatments, research, names of doctors involved in
> research etc..... If you have access to this information please help
> me..Can you post and/or email any info to Scubadyver at aol.com  Thank you

Lymphangiectasia is actually not disease. It is a dilatation of the
lymph channels in the villi of the intestine.  It causes protein to 
be lost into the intestine, fat in the stools and reduction in 
some white cells in the blood ( lymphocytes ).  It may be congenital (
in Miroy's disease ) or it may be caused by inflamation of the 
lymph channels in the intestine.  Sometimes it is the result of
increased lymph pressure from diseases of the heart valves or severe 
inflamation of the pericardium ( the sack inclosing the heart ).
The treatment depends upon the cause.  Maybe this will help you 
search for more information on the problem.

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