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I have the following for sale:

The Evolutionary Ecology of Animal Migration.Baker R.R., 
Holmes and Meier Publishers, 1978 (clasics on animal migration, 
has been out of print for long time)

Morphogenetic Hormones of Arthropods. Vols.1 - 3. Gupta (ed.)
Rutgers UP, 1990

Genetic Recombination. Kucherlapati & Smith (eds.).
Am. Soc. for Microbiology, 1988

Tetraonidae and Phasianidae of the USSR. Ecology and Morphology. 
Kuz'mina M. Smithsonian Inst. Lib. 1992

Birds of the Chukchi Penninsula and Wrangel Island. Vol. II. Portenko 
L.A. Smithsonian Inst. Lib. 1989

Atlas of wading bird and seabird nesting colonies in coastal 
Louisiana,Mississippi, and Alabama: 1983. U.S. Department of Interior 

Nesting colonies of seabirds and wading birds coastal Louisiana, 
Mississippi, and Alabama. U.S. Department of Interior 1977

An annotated bibliography of literature on Alaska water birds. 
U.S. Department of Interior 1981

Atlas and census of wading bird and seabird nesting colonies in 
Louisiana 1990.  LA Department of Wildlife and Fisheries 1990.

Josef Kren
University of Nebraska Lincoln

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