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BioMedNet Solidifies Position as World Wide Web Leader

Labtrader Magazine Joins Growing List of Publications

New York, October 29, 1996 -- BioMedNet (, the
premier web site for the biological and medical community continued to
show why it is the industry’s leader, as Robert Ubell, BioMedNet’s
president, announced the addition of Labtrader Magazine
( to its web site.  Labtrader Magazine joins a
growing library already comprised of several hundreds articles from more
than 60, electronically published, full-text biomedical journals
including the Current Opinion series, British Medical Journal, and The
Journal of Experimental Biology  among many others.

According to Ubell, “By the end of 1996 there will be more than 100
different journals on BioMedNet, and 200 by the end of 1997.  Labtrader
fills an important niche on our web site and we’re glad to have them as
part of BioMedNet’s family.”

Labtrader Magazine’s readership is made up of thousands of scientific
laboratories and more than 200 purchasing agents and lab equipment
dealers and manufacturers.  Every month, thousands of scientific
laboratories and companies come together to buy and sell used laboratory
equipment through Labtrader’s web site and e-mail newsletter, Labtrader

“This is a win-win situation for both organizations, said Bob Kafato,
Labtrader Magazine’s president.  “Our relationship results in a shared
readership and increased services for all our users.”

BioMedNet is the leading internet based, worldwide club for the
biological and medical community.  Membership is FREE of charge. 
BioMedNet is a unique, collaborative and fully interactive working
environment that brings together an infinite variety of facilities and
resources in a single site organized for easy access and one-stop

BioMedNet currently has more than 36,000 members and expects to have
100,000 by the end of 1996.  Other significant features of the BioMedNet
site include: an online shopping mall, an international job bank with
over 1200 listings updated weekly, meeting rooms and specialized
discussion groups.


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