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                        ANNOUNCEMENT AND CALL FOR PAPERS

         Eleventh International Conference on Mathematical and Computer
                       Modelling and Scientific Computing

                            March 31 - April 3, 1997
                    Georgetown University Conference Center
                              Washington, DC, USA 

        The Eleventh International Conference on Mathematical and Computer
Modelling and Scientific Computing is scheduled to take place March 31-April
3, 1997 at the Georgetown University Conference Center, Washington, DC,
U.S.A. Plenary lectures by world-renowned scientists and technical sessions
on many recent developments in engineering and sciences comprise a
long-standing tradition at the ICMCM's. Mathematical and computer modelling
and scientific computing have become powerful tools for solving complex
problems and providing greater insights into the future. The objective of
the conference is to bring together researchers from various disciplines
including the traditional and emerging areas of engineering and sciences for
cross-fertilization of ideas and exchange of information. In view of the
phenomenal growth in mathematical modelling activities and computational
technologies, we can bring about further developments by focusing on the
issues of mutual concern and through exchange of ideas. These developments
are expected to offer us a global perspective and lead us, on a rational
basis, to the solution of problems which continually arise in human endeavor. 

        Papers are invited on all aspects of mathematical and computer
modelling and scientific computing for presentation at the 11th ICMCM & SC.
Papers will be chosen on the basis of one-page (about 200-250 words)
abstracts clearly defining the work and its conclusions. Abstracts may be
submitted in hard copy or via fax or by e-mail. The abstracts must be
formatted to fit on 8-1/2 x 11 inch (approximately 21.5 cm x 28 cm or
European Standard A-4 size) paper, typed in single space. The paper title
must be capitalized and centered followed by author's name(s), institution,
and full address. Send two copies (one copy if sent by fax or e-mail) of
abstract and technical inquiries to:

                        SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM COMMITTEE
                        ELEVENTH ICMCM & SC
                        P.O. BOX 31670
                        ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI 63131 USA

                or FAX to: (573)-364-3351   or e-mail to: avula at umr.edu

                Closing Date for receiving abstracts:  November 30, 1996
                Notification of acceptance: December 27, 1996

        Full length manuscripts (limited to six pages) of papers presented
at the conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings which will
be brought out as a special issue of the journal MATHEMATICAL MODELLING AND
SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING, Vol. 8, 1997 (ISSN 1067-0688). The manuscripts for the
special issue are due June 15, 1997. The special issue of the journal will
be published by September 1997.

                Mathematical modelling and computation in engineering and
sciences; computational sciences and technologies; applied mathematics and
modelling methodologies; advances in numerical methods; systems theory;
computational control; self-organizing systems; fuzzy and neuro-control;
neural networks theory and applications; adaptive and smart structural
systems; mechanics of solids and fluids; heat transfer; design optimization;
damage mechanics; nondestructive evaluation; vehicle and occupant dynamics;
composite, metal matrix, and shape-memory material systems; computational
mechanics; computational materials modelling; diagnostics; supercomputing;
software development; parallel processing; pattern recognition; inverse
problems in engineering and science; environmental sciences; biomedical
systems; computational physics; ETC.,

        The 11th ICMCM & SC is co-chaired by Prof. Anil Nerode, Director,
Mathematical Sciences Institute, Cornell University and Prof. Xavier J. R.
Avula, Founder, ICMCM's, University of Missouri-Rolla. 

Keynote Lectures Scheduled So Far:

        1. Paul J. Werbos, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA, USA
                From Approximate Dynamic Programming to Brain-Like Intelligence:
                Closing the Gap

        2. Hans-J. Zimmermann, Technical University Aachen, Germany
                Recent Advances in Fuzzy Technology and Computational

        3. Hwa A. Lim, HYSEQ, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, USA
                Computational Science: A Means to Federate Biodata and
Bioknowledge Through Bioinformatics
        ........and more. 

      For further details and registration information, write to the
Program Committee at the addresss in St. Louis given above, or call or
e-mail to Prof. X.J.R. Avula at (573)-341-4585 or avula at umr.edu or FAX to

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