Genetic Research stops aging...

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Mon Oct 28 13:55:23 EST 1996

In article <wpenrose.200.004A3E9F at> wpenrose at (William R. Penrose) writes:
>K. Eric Drexler, the nanotechnology man, claims in Engines of Creation that 
>one of the possible outcomes of the new science is endless, healthy life, with 
>death caused only by accidents and violence.  He then imagines that this would 
>make people very very cautious about their lifestyles.  It's one thing to risk 
>death in traffic or bungee jumping with forty years of life and a slow, 
>miserable decline and death ahead of you, he supposes, but a much different 
>thing if you can look forward to millenia of healthy life.

Which is why, in our evolutionary history, the robust and foolhardily
barbarous would have quickly exterminated any nascent nuclei of such
effete immortals.
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