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What is the Dental Zone

The Dental Zone is your on-line resource for your dental health needs.  We
have designed the Dental Zone to help you get your dental questions
answered.  Our articles will allow you to learn more about your dental
health.  The Dental Zone will provide links to other dental and medical
resources so that you can further explore any health questions / concerns
that you may have.  You may also receive our free newsletter to keep
updated on even more dental advice and information.  Finally look for our
contests and special features! 

The  Zone is the brain child of Dr. Eric Spieler .  It's his attempt to
better educate not only his patients but to educate everyone interested in
their oral health.  ³I try to educate my patients about their dental
health so that they can live healthier more pain free lives.  I would like
to bring this same education to you here at the Dental Zone.  One of the
problems Dr. Spieler  sees time after time is receding gums and sensitive
teeth.  The culprit is over zealous brushing.  It's estimated that 66% of
people brush their teeth too hard leading to irreversible tooth and gum
damage.  Dr. Spieler¹s  Alert Toothbrush is one solution to this problem. 
It allows users to gauge their brushing pressure.  

We hope that you find the Dental Zone to be fun, interesting and most
importantly informative.  As with any web site the Dental Zone will be
constantly evolving providing you with new information.  We would greatly
appreciate your input into how we can make the Dental Zone even better. 
What do or don't you like about our current site? What features would you
like to see? What questions would you like answered?  Your input is
greatly appreciated and will definitely be put it to use as we expand and
constantly improve our site.  Stop by and visit the Dental Zone.  We hope
you enjoy the Dental Zone!


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