Someone Help! My Life Hangs in the Balance!

Jason Summa jms341 at
Thu Oct 31 23:42:03 EST 1996

Hi, I'm a student at Penn State University and I have a serious dilemma. I 
have to pick a major soon and I'm undecided between chemistry and chemical 
engineering. Needless to say I have no idea what either of the two majors 
"really" involve. I have questions like what does a chemistry major do after 
getting a degree? What does a Chem E do after getting a degree? What's the job 
market like for either? Will graduate school be necessary with a chem degree? 
Any input whatsoever would be greatly appreciated! What do chemists do? What 
do Chem E's do? How much do they make? Where would I work? And for whom? 
Please email me with any responses or ideas at jms341 at
Any help at all would help me immenslely!
Thank you very much!

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