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>> > A friend of mine saw a documentary on this and asked me to find out 
>> > something about it...I was rudely sceptical, but does anyone know 
>> > where I can find something to put his mind at rest? Cheers
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>> I saw something ......
>> Somewhere........
>> But I don't remember, my memory is a bit fluid, sorry :-)

>There is a quite a development in this area.
>(memory effect in water). You can look for:
>'Ultra High Dilution' (Physiology and Physics),
>Eds. P.C. Endler, J. Schilte,
>Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1994
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I vaguely remember an article in 'Nature' a few years ago regarding 
memory in water, specifically dealing with water able to retain 'memory' 
of antibodies upon extensive dilutions wherein theoretically no antibody 
molecule would be present.  There was a lot of hue and cry about this 
article (One of the authors was Benveniste, not sure of the spelling) and 
a lot of controversy!  I guess John Maddox had sent an investigative team 
to check the findings.  Believe it was later found not to be true!!!


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