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On Tue, 3 Sep 1996, Sanjay Palnitkar wrote:

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> I vaguely remember an article in 'Nature' a few years ago regarding 
> memory in water, specifically dealing with water able to retain 'memory' 
> of antibodies upon extensive dilutions wherein theoretically no antibody 
> molecule would be present.  There was a lot of hue and cry about this 
> article (One of the authors was Benveniste, not sure of the spelling) and 
> a lot of controversy!  I guess John Maddox had sent an investigative team 
> to check the findings.  Believe it was later found not to be true!!!
> Sanjay
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Re: Benveniste experiments and homeopathy.

The last sentence (that it was later found not to be true)
requires clarification. Team composed of John Maddox (editor 
of Nature), a professional magician (sic !) James Randy and
a third member (forgot the name) invesigated Benveniste's 
laboratory in Paris and found nothing which demonstrates 
the experiments of memory in water were fraudulent. 

Because these experiments (if successful) strengthen the 
cause of the homeopathy (medical efficacy of highly diluted 
solutions), they were (and are) flately rejected by the 
(largely allopathic, pharmaceutical and invasive) medical

But many who follow this controvercy, still held the
view that the case is neither decisively proven nor 
disproven but rests in limbo. This is a tabu research
almost nobody wants to touch because it may upset the
existing power structure. With the present peer review 
(so to say) 'quality control' in research which in 
reality ideological censorship which castrates any 
potentially radical suggestion, it is highly unlikely 
the case will be resolved any soon.     
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