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Brian Sandle bsandle at southern.co.nz
Thu Sep 5 09:21:32 EST 1996

following up to bionet.general only.

Serenity Haven (serenity at mail.utexas.edu) wrote:
: China already has a law in affect.  One child per household.  If it is
: known that another child was born, especially females, they are killed. 
: Even at birth, the infant receives a needle to the brain.  Sometimes the
: infant is not dead and is buried alive. And, if the mother is found
: leaving the infant, she is imprisoned.
: And you may want to consider this, if the US runs out of room for people,
: it may impose a law such as China.

Perhaps initial consideration can be given to a question faintly 
glimmering: please refer to my 
sci.med,sci.med.dentistry,bionet.toxicology article about fillings and 
the vomeronal. The discussion of the sense of smell stopping 
mice of like genes from mating is in material from the New Scientist 
on line article referred to.

The situation in China would lead to having no brothers or sisters, 
cousins, uncles or aunts. What does this do to any pheromonally based 
development? Biochemically it seems to mean that small differences in 
biochemical makeup are going to be reduced. The music will move to 
greater pitch differential?

Apologies for the brain storm.

Brian Sandle

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