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=======> BANKING SECRETS REVEALED!! <=======

====> SAVE $100,000 & EARN 7% to 10% INTEREST <====

Dear Friend, 

Did you know that you can save up to $100,000 on the 
biggest investment in your life? For MANY Americans they
have a dream to one day own their home. When that dream is
reached, they spend the rest of their life paying that dream
off. You are being ripped off everyday by Banks, Financing
Companies, Mortgage Companies etc. Did you know that by the
time you pay off your home you will pay FIVE TIMES what it
is worth? Is that fair to you and your dream? We don't think
so and we bet you don't either. That's why we are going to
show you how to save up to $100,000 and pay off your home up
to 7 years faster! Sound too good to be true? Believe us, we
will show you step by step how the mortgage game is played
with the Banks, Financing Companies and Mortgage Companies
and how to beat them at their own game. Everything we show
you is 100% LEGAL and anybody can do it. It's just very few
people know about it. These are very LOW-KEY SECRETS that
you will learn. The reason the Banks never tell you is
because if everyone knew the Banks' secrets they would be
put out of business. If you ever heard someone say " My Bank
is getting rich off my money, " they are absolutely RIGHT!
Banks do get rich off your money because they lend it to
other people and charge them 9% interest and only pay you up
to 3% interest, if you're lucky! So that means Banks are
getting 6% interest on YOUR MONEY! Many Mortgage Companies
are being and have been sued for OVERCHARGING homeowners.
This is your chance to become Financially Independent. Can
you imagine if you saved $80 or $50 THOUSAND DOLLARS and
made that American Dream come true by paying your house off
7 years faster? What could you do with that extra money?
We're sure you could think of something, RIGHT? Maybe a
family vacation or a new car? There are other companies
charging $250 to $500 DOLLARS to show you everything that we
are going to. But, we are not even asking a fraction of that
cost. For the COMPLETE 25 page step-by- step manual, we are
only asking $24.95. Plus, we are going to give 2 SPECIAL
BONUSES to the next 50 people who order our great package
and are determined to make a change. Our first SPECIAL BONUS
to you is called a " MORTGAGE & LOAN CALCULATOR. " This is a
Windows Based program that will keep track of every Loan and
Mortgage that you have!  You won't ever have to worry about
being OVERCHARGED because you will have all your personal
information right at your fingertips and you can keep track
of all your Loans and Mortgages! Our SECOND SPECIAL BONUS
too good of a deal to just pass by, and we don't think there
is anybody in the industry who will ever offer an
opportunity like this! You will have everything you need to
put your financial life right on track with your dreams. We
all have dreams and this is your chance to make yours come
true. You owe it to yourself and your family to take FULL
advantage of this unique opportunity. Look at it this way,
you go to work day in and day out, just to pay off your
home. With our program, it will be up to 7 years LESS that
you have to work to pay off your home and up to $100,000
MORE into your bank account instead of giving it to the
BANK! The BEST part is you don't even have to refinance! You
can even use this as a business opportunity. You can easily
place ads in your local newspapers offering to save people
money using the SECRETS you will know. You can even save
your family members THOUSANDS off their mortgage. We look
forward to getting you this tremendous package right away.

Here's how you can place your order:

Program is $21.95 + $3.05 Shipping & Handling a Total of

Send Check or Money Order made
payable to: Creative Financial Alternatives 

Creative Financial Alternatives
Banking Secrets
14837 Detroit Ave. Suite 135
Lakewood, Ohio

** We are pleased to announce that we're able to accept
checks by phone to place your order by phone simply call

Creative Financial Alternatives

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