digital image capture

Kalman Rubinson rubinsnk at
Sun Sep 8 19:19:36 EST 1996

Dr. AllenBurdowski (burdowski at wrote:
> Dave Pataky wrote:
> > I am in the process of hooking up my scope to a video system and image capture system. Ther are a number of approaches that I have taken. One,I 
> have a Nikon scope and a olupus inverted scope. I have gotten quotes on 
> a variety of vieo system. One is an oiptronics system 3 chip camera 
> developed for low light. There is anothe camera available through a firm 
> that supplies Zeiss scopes that has a superb video camera developed for 
> low light. If you need this info I can get you its name.
> 	To hook up to the  computer you have a number of options, 
> depending on cost. Ther is a quanta board that takes NTSC or PAL from a 
> video camera and gets the image. It is about $500, Clearly you van get 
> mors expensive. Or belive it or not I have used the Snappy it goes into 
> the printer port cats $200 cheap and easy and surprisingly goon.

The major problem with the SNAPPY is the software which allows you adjust
the image only AFTER it is snapped.  To get decent images from low-light,
fluourescent signals requires the ability to pre-process the image.
Otherwise, the grabbed image may not even contain the features of interest
and, if so, no amount of image processing will reveal them.

There are many decent cameras/grabbers on the market from under $1K and
up, depending on spatial resolution and bit-depth.  The best way to
determine what you need is to try a few vendors, emphhasize that you do
not have infinite resources and get a demo to insure that it will do
exactly what you need.  Oh, and read as much as you can.


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