digital image capture

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Tue Sep 10 14:47:39 EST 1996

Dave Pataky wrote:

> we are looking into purchasing a system for capturing still images (up to
> 24 bit colour) from a fluorescence microscope to a computer.  we are
> interested in hearing what others have done to accomplish this

> e-mail or posting replies ok, thanks in advance,
> Dave Pataky
> Dept of Zoology, UBC
> pataky at

There is a published paper on the use of digitised images, with colour 
illustrations (so you can see how the digitised images look in print). 
Just in case you find it useful for a reference:

S-K Cheong, K Micklem, DY Mason
Computerised image hadling in pathology
J Clin Pathol 1995, 48: 796-802

With best regards,
Sergei A. Gutnikov, D.Phil.

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