Unmet medical needs addressed by drug delivery technology?

Thomas A. Collet tacollet at tezcat.com
Tue Sep 10 13:04:18 EST 1996

I apologize if this topic does not meet this newsgroups normal interests. I did check out the current topics of discussion first. I will not re-post, unless this message finds interest in this newsgroup.


I just started on a project for one of my clients for which I would like to identify unmet or poorly-met medical needs that could be addressed by drug delivery technology. There seems to be much information available regarding drug delivery technologies, biotech companies, etc. However, not that much is known in a ***systematic form about the needs that are being addressed*** or why physicians would start prescribing existing drugs delivered through a new vehicle.

Does anyone know of an effort to look at these delivery opportunities in a systematic way, e.g., by drug or by therapeutic area? The range of opportunities I am interested in may range from combining 3 times a day dosage forms to once a day all the way to trying to deliver NSAIDs in new ways to avoid common side effects, e.g., ulcers.

Any pointers or a discussion of this topic would be appreciated.

Thomas Collet
McKinsey&Company, Inc.
Thomas_Collet at McKinsey.com
tacollet at tezcat.com

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