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Richard Edward Harang wrote:
>         I am currently doing a project for my biology 
> class and require
> some information which I have not been able to find 
> at the library here.
> Could someone please be kind enough to help me with 
> these questions or
> tell me where I can look?
>         1)  What is the name of the site on the T4 
> cell that the HIV retrovirus attacks?

	The HIV is believed to bind to a cell-surface 
protein known as the CD4 receptor.  There are recent
publications studying additional proteins besides the
CD4 receptor that are needed for virus entry into the cell.

>         2)  Where can I find information about the various
> mutations/recognized strains of the retrovirus?

	Myers,G. et al.
	Human Retroviruses and AIDS (1995): A Compilation 
	and Analysis of Nucleic Acid and Amino Acid 
	Theoretical Biology Biophysics Group, Los 
	Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545

	Topiary Pruning of the HIV and SIV Phylogenetic
	AIDS Res. Human Retroviruses 11(11): 1417-1419 (1995)

	Li,W.H. et al.
	Rates and Dates of Divergence Between AIDS Virus 
	Nucleotide Sequences
	Mol. Biol. Evol. 5: 313-330 (1988)

>         3)  Where can I find public information 
> (statistical etc.) about
> those individuals who have tested positive but have 
> not yet acquired sympotoms?

	Try the Centers for Disease Control.

>         Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
>         -Richard Harang <rharang at>

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