Talk Real Voice on Internet

Tom Ko tko at
Wed Sep 11 01:41:04 EST 1996


Visit Onlive!

Talk - with your voice, not text -- with groups of people on the Internet
for free!  Visit the OnLive! Technologies web site at and
download the OnLive! Traveler software today!  Among the sites you can
explore are MTV's TikiLand, Virtual Vegas, and OnLive!'s Utopia.

OnLive! Traveler is the only 3D Virtual World software that provides
compelling and entertaining live communities by allowing groups of people
to talk with their own voices through expressive, animated avatars.  With
the OnLive! Traveler software, end users select and customize their own
OnLive! avatar and are immersed in rich graphical environments where they
can explore, have group conversations, create their own chat rooms and
become part of a rich cyber community.  OnLive! Traveler spaces go beyond
the existing assortment of text-based chat areas and VRML spaces by putting
real voices on the internet.

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