Nobel Prize question

Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Thu Sep 12 08:47:38 EST 1996

On 12 Sep 1996, Joseph Spagna wrote:

> My 9th grade biology students want to know (God knows, I'm not in
> this for the $):
> How much money do you get for the Nobel in Medicine/Physiology  (or 
> whatever it's called, not 'biology' I know)?

I don't know about medicine, but think awards are similar
in all areas.
In physics NP is now about 1 million dollars per award.
If 2 to 3 people are to share it the award is divided
(I believe, rules forbid NP sharing to more than 3 (or 4?)
people per single award).
> do you have to use it for research, or can you buy a condo or some 
> really expensive gourmet coffee?

NP is a personal award and the winner can do as he/she pleases.

> Is it taxed in Sweden or the U.S. or both (if an American should happen 
> to win)?

I am not sure about Sweeden, though it's unlikely they tax NP.
In Canada there were rumors that goevrnments wanted to tax
John Polyani (NP in chem. about 10 years ago), but likely
it didn't happen. 

And if you want something about this culture remember:

Many top American celeberties (Hollywood, sports, fashion, etc)
have made MORE [ any ONE of them ] than ALL combined LIFETIME 
earnings of ALL presently living American NP laureates.
Likewise, dropout Bill Gates can easily qualify. So, think 
twice about rushing to Stokholm.    

> Any and all answers can be e-d to me.  Thanks

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