Request for help with analysis procedure

BRateaver brateaver at
Thu Sep 12 04:59:18 EST 1996

Are you using mycorrhizae? Is this what you mean by fungi? I should not
think adding such a culture would be needed for Eucalyptus, that is
already a horribly successful tree, extremely allelopathic, wiping out
everything around itself but more Eucalyptus seedlings.

As for picking up metals as hyperaccumulators, there certainly are plants
that do that. For the Second Edition of my Organic Method Primer, I
collected a great deal of info on trace minerals in plants, (from the
scientific literature), and especially those plants that are accumulator
plants.  So the info is in the literature, and any good reference
librarian in a university library can help you get scads of such data
within minutes.

I am not sure I know what you mean by mulch BED. Mulch is anything used to
cover the ground.  If very thick, I suppose it could be called a bed, but
that is not current terminology. It would hold water yes, but if made of
Eucalyptus leaves, would not be very useful. Those leaves are so full of
ring compounds. You would do much better with mulches commonly utilized by
organic growers, such as hay or straw, that hold quite a bit of water.

B. Rateaver

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