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Serban San-Marina serban at
Wed Sep 11 21:41:06 EST 1996

Attention Biologists!

Do you need training in modern research techniques in molecular and
cell biology but
cannot afford $2,000-3,000 for a 10-day course? Now you can acquire all
the practical
experience that you need for $19.95!! One flat fee for
all-you-can-learn molecular and
cell-biology techniques through hands-on laboratory practice is now
available. Make no
long-term commitment, learn only what you need to know, join, quit, or
re-join at any
time. AUCLBiolab is now accepting applications from  highly motivated
and graduate biology students, but also from persons with limited
background/skills in
molecular biology  who are highly committed and have a deep interest in
experimentation. This is what you will learn:
-- Modern methods in DNA/RNA work, cloning and sequencing
-- Methods in protein purification and analysis 
-- Principles and applications of the PCR reaction
-- And much more...
There is a one-time registration fee that covers safety instructional
materials and/or
equipment. This fee is usually $80.00 but if you are among the first 20
people to register
you get  a 50% discount. Be among the first 10 to register and  you get
another 25%
discount, that it you may register for only $19.95.
	To register, send e-mail to:
                       auclbiolab at

	Unfortunately, for the time being this course is only offerred in
the Toronto area.

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