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Mon Sep 16 02:59:00 EST 1996


This is one of the most innovative ideas ever developed, yet is so
simple and in today's tough economy so needed, it's incredible!!".  

I will give you the basics, then if you are interested further contact
me at the phone number below with your name and postal address and
I'll send you  complete information free of charge to review the

                        THE GROCERY CLUB

1)  Over 5,000 name brand items to choose from.
2)  Manufacturers coupons accepted and DOUBLED (face value up to 50=A2)
3)  NO SHIPPING CHARGES 4)  Groceries delivered right to your door
     in about 10 days-no shipping charge.!. 
5)  Triple price guarantee - if
     you find a published price LOWER than
     the one in our catalog you'll get TRIPLE the difference in FREE
6)  $340 of free groceries of YOUR choice upon joining, which 
      completely offsets your annual subscription fee!.
7)  30 day money back guarantee!

You can check out the prices for yourself at the web site

(These great prices are WITHOUT coupons)

                        ^^^^***AND EVEN BETTER......!***^^^

If you are interested in the distributorship program you will 

1)  No inventory stocking.
2)  No delivery to mess with
3)  No cost to become a distributor
4)  You are NOT required to subscribe to the service to be a          
5)  Immediate flat rate pay for each person you get to subscribe
6)  Residual income up to 20 levels deep!
7)  Great fundraiser - put churches & non-profits in the matrix to
     give them  income EVERY MONTH!.  It's free!

                               CONTACT US FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:

                  Call  1-800-995-0796, extension 5160
                    Just leave your name and address -
                    the system will  capture your telephone

                             No obligation!.  

Thank you for your time and may God Bless You!

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