One Hour PhotoFinish for sale - 960917 HK

Au-YeungChiKwong at ¼Ú¶§§Ó­è.com Au-YeungChiKwong at ¼Ú¶§§Ó­è.com
Tue Sep 17 08:23:57 EST 1996


We have one full set of Fuji One-Hour Photo-Finishing equipment for sale.

The machine is :
		Fuji Mini Lab series
		FP350AL file developing machine
		FA 140 (PP1040B) paper developing machine

		full set of standard accessories

Price:		HK$130,000-	( price is for HK local )

Condition:	Two year operating in good condition
		now stored at warehouse with professional care

Interested party please conatct:

	Au-Yeung Chi Kwong ¼Ú ¶§ §Ó ­è 

	(852) 2563 9010		Hong Kong

	( office hour please HK time 09:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday )

We need to sell it in a short period. Pleasae call with no hesitate.

Thank you.

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