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Jim Miller jrm at
Tue Sep 17 07:48:12 EST 1996

Tom Moninger wrote:
> Dave Pataky wrote:
> >
> > hey folks,
> >
> > we are looking into purchasing a system for capturing still images (up to
> > 24 bit colour) from a fluorescence microscope to a computer.  we are
> > interested in hearing what others have done to accomplish this,
> > specifically what ccd's, image capture boards, and software that have
> > worked well for you. 

We have mounted a single-chip ccd color video camera on a Nikon 
fluorescence microscope and digitized the image through the Fotodyne gel 
image analyzer and acquired images by NIH Image in GRAYSCALE.  Many 
software applications are probably available for analysis of the 
grayscale picture (Fotodyne sells Collage).  All you probably need is an 
acquisition/video export board (I'm outta my league here).  Anyway, 
these images can be saved on our PowerMac 7500 and downloaded into 
several applications as TIFF files.  A camera for capturing multiple 
colors (and splitting them) will probably run >$10K with accessories.

Not much help, but depending on how complex you want to get, it is 

Jim Miller
Lilly Research Laboratories
Indianapolis, IN
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