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Keith Williams Keith at BIG.FISHNET.NET
Fri Sep 20 21:04:32 EST 1996

To Recipient ;

	*NOTICE* Your name is being distributed by a list broker who claims you might be a prospect for my goods or services.  For this reason I hope that you will be courteous about my unsolicited commercial offer,  for your courtesy , I am going to provide yo
u with the www address of the firm that sold me this list, so that you may have your name removed from it . Although I am not sure how you can have it removed.  I promise you that I will never contact you again, unless you request me to do so.

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PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO ME TO REMOVE YOUR ADDRESS:  This is NOT neccesary as I will not contact you again, (EVER). If you received this email,  your name is already removed.  

If you want to keep your name from being distributed on this list, call 1-619-781-4133 ask for Michael, I do not have his email address, you may check out the validity of this number by going to his web site
   this is the web site distributing the list with your name on it.

Thank you,  Keith

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