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> I'm having problems with an allergy to my disposable gloves. If any body
> has any advice on low allergenic brands or alternative solutions I would
> be very grateful if you could E.mail me- Thankyou.

With the high use of latex gloves, a lot of people are developing allergic
reactions to them.  Are you allergic to latex or to the powder used in
some.  I have developed a reaction to latex and have tried two
alternatives.  Glove liners and powderless gloves will work but are a
hassle if you work in different rooms than were you last left the liner. 
I have also tried nitrile gloves (N-dex are the particular ones I have
used) which have worked well for me so far.  If those don't work, I have
heard that an allergist can desensitize you to the latex proteins for a
price.  Good luck, its a major inconvienience but it's a great excuse when
your spouse tells you it's your turn to do dishes!

Chad Rappleye

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