bacterial infections of seals

Henning Baehr baehr at
Sat Sep 21 13:03:28 EST 1996

Hi vets, microbiologists and everyone, to whom it may concern - 
I am working in a government veterinary diagnostic laboratory, where I 
frequently have to isolate and identify bacteria from skin lesions, nasal 
swabs etc. from seals. This job reveals to be much more difficult than 
expected, for most of the isolates are not listed in our common 
identification procedures, some of them even use to disappear after 
subculturing (as they probably dont´t like our nutrient media...). The 
reason for all that trouble is that this is a very special bacterial 
flora, mostly oxidase-positive nonfermenters of the marine environment, 
and that I am not experienced in this field. As these investigations are 
necessary to protect the seals of our costal region, I have to improve my 
methods of isolation and identification of these bacteria. Is there 
anyone who is experienced and ready to help? Is there any laboratory 
working in this field, where I could send certain bacterial strains for 
confirmation of our diagnosis? If so, please send an e-mail. Thank you!
Henning Baehr, Staatliches Veterinaeruntersuchungsamt Oldenburg, Germany

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