hydrolysis & modification of proteins

C Wood bsscw at bath.ac.uk
Wed Sep 25 15:54:21 EST 1996

Can someone help me out here .... i am going nuts trying to work out what
some literature i am reading (which seems to contradict itself) says  ...
2 quick questions:

1) take some proteins ... say veg protein ... say soy protein and dissolve
it in alkaline solutions and then add some NaOH and warm for 4 hours at
160F .... the protein is "hydrolysed" ... what does this mean exactly
please ... 

2) what will happen to, for example, amine functional groups on some
dissolved soy protein (which has not been "substantially hydroysed" but
has been reduced meaning any/all disulfide bonds are broken) .. what
differences will u expect to see if this acetylation/modification is
performed at acid pH or alkaline pH?   please help me 


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