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Giles Newport Sales at
Mon Sep 23 23:21:26 EST 1996

311 The Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent St, London, W1R 5TB
Tel: 0171 287 5887     Fax: 0171 287 4937
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Dear Sir,

	Resolution Design has 12 years of experience in Medical Publishing,
offering full media services.
	We specialize in taking manuscripts to completion, designing,
typesetting, illustrating, scanning and producing the film, giving the
client full control at anytime. We realise how tight deadlines can be,
our scanning shows all the detailing in the right colour and our
illustrations follow “house” style.
	We treat every client as our “best” client and endeavour to supply a
service making your life easier. 
	For examples of work or to see exactly what we can offer please do not
hesitate to contact us

Yours sincerely

Giles Newport

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