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    Name : Liu, Gang 
    Sex : Male 
    Place of Birth : Beijing, China 
    Nationality : P. R. China 
    Birth Date : 24th July 1970 
    Address : 

       Dept. of Infomation Systems and Computer Science, 
       Faculty of Science, 
       Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119260.
       Republic of Singapore 
    Email : liugang at or scip4161 at 
    Phone : (65)772-6136 (Business) 
    Fax : (65)779-4580 


Seeking employment opportunity as Software Engineer or System Analyst. 
Can be relocated to North America, Singapore or Beijing.
Visa wanted: H-1B


· Years of experience in Internet programming using TCP/IP. 

· Author of a full-fledged next-generation WWW-based Database System 
running on Windows95 and Windows NT,
which has Server API , WinCGI, and provides connectivity to all kinds of 

· Experience of writing servers and Clients of HTTP, FTP, SMTP/POP3, 
NNTP, etc. 

· Experience of Java network programming, Visual C++ Multi-thread (Win32, 
MFC3.0) programming. 

· Experience of writing Homepages using JavaScript, and all HTML3.0 

· Experience of design and implementation of SYBASE Client/Server and 
ODBC compatible database systems. 

· Experience of design and development of GUI on MS Windows, X-Window 

· Experience of advanced UNIX inter-process communication programming 

· Team player, fast learner. Young, creative, enthusiastic, accustomed to 
fast-paced, high-tech environment, skilled in
cross-culture communication, good inter-personal skills 

Personal Details

Date of Birth: July 24 1970
Sex: Male
Citizenship: P. R. China
Immigration Status in Singapore: Student


3/95-present M.S. in Dept. of Information Systems and Computer Sci., NUS 
Thesis Topic: "Integrating Databases into the WebThe STOW System" 
The goal of this project is to enable remote users to access database via 
Web browsers.The features of the gateway are: 

       1. High erformance using Server API 
       2. High flexibility and extensibility using a componet-based 
three-tier architecture 
       3. Persistent connection with the DBMS for each client 
       4. Remot multimedia data entry 
       5. Client-side data entry validation 
       6. Soft WWW database application and flexible HTML output 
       7. Support of complex SQL queries, including sub-queries. 
       8. Database independence. It can connect to virtually any DBMS. It 
can also interact with multiple
    heterogeneous DBMS simutaniously. 
       9. Load balancing. 
       10. Backward compatibility. The system can cooperate with any 
stock httpds on any platforms simutaniously. 
       11. Portability. Although the system is implemented on Windows 95, 
it can also run on Windows NT and be
    ported to other platforms. 

9/1989-7/1993 B. Engineering in Dept. of Computer Sci. and Engineering, 
Beijing University of Aeronautics and
Astronautics GPA 3.7/4.0 
Project Topic: " Sybase Chinese Report Automatic Generator" 


1994 Sybase System Administration and Application Development Course and 
PowerBuilder Application
Development Course by Sybase Inc., Beijing 

Academic Achievement 

Research Scholarship 3/1995-present National University of Singapore 

Work Experience

7/1993-3/1995 Engineer Software Engineering Center, Chinese 
Academy of Sciences 
1993-1995 "Beijing Population MIS" Designed and implemented the largest 
Sybase Database system in China with
Tools: BSD Sockets, DB Library C API, Visual C/C++, PowerBuilder, Visual 
Platforms: Windows 3.1, Motif, VMS 

Computer Skills:

Computer Languages:

C/C++, Java, JavaScript, PERL, HTML, SQL, PowerScript, Pascal, FORTRAN, 
Assembly(80286, Zilog), Shell,

Operating Systems:

Windows 3.11, 95, NT, UNIX, VMS, DOS. 


Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Access, dBase, Foxpro, Paradox, mSQL 


Visual J++, ActiveX, Visual C/C++(Microsoft MFC), Borland C/C++(OWL), 
Visual Basic 


CGI, ISAPI, NSAPI, Microsoft Internet API, BSD Sockets, WINSOCK, SYBASE 
Open Client DB Libarary API for C 



Leadership Skill

Chairman of Computer Committee of Eusoff College, National University of 


I have always been very excited about Internet technology. I am 
fascinated by being able to combine technology with
creativity to develop innovative solutions for the next century. 
Following the Personal Computers, World Wide Web
brings another revolution to computer industry. I have been very strongly 
attracted to the Internet and Web and hope to
discover what I can do with them. 

Feel free to mail me : liugang at  

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