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crw crw at loop.com
Sat Sep 28 01:34:54 EST 1996

Human Rights: Prisoner Writing
"PenMates-4-InMates" Program


If you are willing to "communicate" (via letters and postcards by 
snailmail...not E-mail) with a person who is incarcerated somewhere in the 
world, please signal to us your willingness and we will send you the name 
and address of your "PEN" (-: pal, along with a Human Rights profile and 
copious info on legal aspects of the case.  

Please be a PenMate and help someone get through another day.  Suspend 
judgment on guilt or innocence, long enough to make a "human connection." 


Civil Rights World Watch
FAX: 310-632-1582
crw at loop.com

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