Life on Mars = Life in Cosmos ?

Robert Andersen ob295ra at
Sun Sep 29 08:15:50 EST 1996


I got not much knowledge about Biology. But after that NASA found those 
possible traces of life on the planet Mars I begin wonder - if it was/is 
life on Mars how will it change our view of the cosmic evoultion.
Is development of life an natural part of cosmos? 

Is it possible that life may have comed to Mars or Tellus by a rock/ice 
or perhaps by purpose (by an unnmanned alien interstellar device) ?

And would this open for the possibility that long time ago other 
civilizations scientific expeditions may have visited this planet?

This is of course speculation - but did not every science begin with 
speculation (= How could it be)?

I'm not an UFO nut but I see the possibilities.

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