BioChem HELP!!

Melissa M mirage at
Sun Sep 29 15:34:06 EST 1996

I need help on the following questions, I am not understanding the 

 1. The 4 classes of macromolecules of living organisms are
    - carbohydrates
    - lipids
    - nucleic acid
    - proteins
 What does this mean, I do not understand it!!
 2. Does plants store their fats as oil or starch? Carbohydrates play a
 role in this but as which ones or is it both??
 3. Phospholipids are some kind of fat for plants? Is it an wax or what??
 4. How come water and oil do not mix? I don't understand the part about
 the polar and non-polar bondings
 5. What are oraganic catalysts? What do they have to do with proteins?
 If you can help please do, it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

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